App Update: June 10th, 2024

🚀 What’s New


(Name Change + New Highest Level for English)

We've got some exciting news to share! In our ongoing efforts to improve your learning experience, we're changing the naming of our learning levels. These adjustments are meant to bring greater clarity to our levels to ensure that you have a smooth learning experience every step of the way. Please review the following changes.

Leveling Name Changes:

  • "Foundations" (CEFR pre-A1) will now be called ➡️ Level 1
  • "Beginner" (CEFR A1) will now be called ➡️ Level 2
  • "Intermediate" (CEFR A2) will now be called ➡️ Level 3
  • "Advanced" (CEFR B1) will now be called ➡️ Level 4

+ We are also introducing a new Level 5 (CEFR B2) learning level for our English program only.

Profile Settings
Creating an Account

The name changes will take effect automatically. You will still be able to change your level whenever you wish.


Our "Talk Show" scene has been expanded to create more room for classes and has added textures and visuals.

🛠  Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Performance and networking upgrades
  • Improved clapping and gesture reliability
  • Improved localization coverage
  • Fixed footstep vibrations
  • Fixed VR Laser Pointer misalignment
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