App Update: August 14th, 2023

🚀 What’s New


Immerse is now offering only one subscription plan - The Immerse Unlimited plan! Additionally, it is now available at our best price ever! Go from complete beginner to confident speaker of a new language with Immerse Unlimited. Participate in all the live and on-demand immersive learning opportunities you need to achieve your personal fluency goals twice as fast.

Important Announcement!

There will be a 3 month transition period from August 14 to November 14 where all legacy tier members will be encouraged to move to the new Immerse Unlimited offering.

  • All original tier options (Growth, Explore, and Mastery) will no longer be active after November 15.
  • We have a dedicated Support Staff to assist each of you in the transition period. Be on the lookout for messages.
  • **As a perk during this transition period, all members on the original tiers will receive unlimited access to all offerings!

Freemium Members

Immerse Freemium members will no longer have access to the Commons (now, "Play") or any other features of Immerse until they upgrade to a new unlimited membership which will include a two week free trial!

Jump in and experience all the new things Immerse has to offer!

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Your private homeroom has been simplified to make it easier than ever to jump straight into learning opportunities that help you on your journey to fluency while still maintaining a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.


Your homeroom now holds all learning opportunities in one place. It's now easier than ever to immediately see what activities are available for you to jump into so that you can immediately start making progress on your fluency journey when joining Immerse.

Your new menu contains the following:

  1. Classes - All of our Guide-led classes are here. You will now always see the next 24 hours of classes for every fluency level within the language that you are learning. You can either immediately join a live class here or book a class that starts in the future.
  2. (NEW) Events - Many of you loved our hosts leading different activities in The Commons, especially to practice conversations on interesting topics. We now have a dedicated space where our staff will be hosting events throughout the day across a multitude of locations. These new events can be joined at ANY TIME, so if you see one that is live, jump right in and join the fun!


  3. (NEW) Practice - replacing "Explore Scenes." We now have 4 brand new Immerse AI-powered scenes that contain 3 or more avatars equipped to help you practice the most important conversations and situations in your target language at any time! You can join these publicly, use a code to join with a specific group of your peers, or join solo to practice in private. Complete the associated tasks with each avatar to progress in your fluency journey! Keep your eye out for more scenes, avatars, and scenarios as we add more over time.


  4. Play - "The Commons" has now been converted into our first “Play” space! Jump in to this public area to meet new people and play language learning games. More games will be coming soon!


  5. Tutorial - Whether you are a new or veteran member, practicing the basics in Immerse (movement, grabbing, general controls, etc.) is now easier to jump into with the tutorial option. More tutorials will be coming soon!
  6. (NEW) You - All of your account details, avatar customization, review material, and general settings have been consolidated into one place for quick and easy access.
    • NOTE: The “Review Corner” has now been replaced by the new review content in this section. Just toggle the review button on the mirror and all of your previous and new review content will be available there!


  • We are extending class time to 35 minutes to give you even more valuable learning time with your Guide. Plus, you can stay after class to continue the conversation with your peers!


  • You will now have the ability to highlight and select any word or sentence presented in your target language and get a popup that has the translation, similar words, and example sentences using that word. This allow you to quickly get context of words you don’t know and be equipped to use them with additional examples. Applicable for Class Notes, AI conversations, in scene content, and more.


  • New members can now watch a short introductory video to understand what Immerse is all about and what we are doing to help you make lasting progress in your journey to fluency.

🔥 Improvements

Commons Rebrand - The Commons has been made the new “Play” area

New Review Space - Review content (objects, my notes, and past classes) has been simplified and added to “You” tab


Support Center - you now have quick access to Immerse Help Center from your homeroom (bottom right)

Instantly Join Live Classes - Classes can be immediately joined 5 minutes before it starts up until 5 minutes after it starts - even if you did not previously book the class. If you did book the class beforehand, you can join 5 minutes before it starts or up to 10 minutes late. If there is a live class, jump in!

✂️  Removals

  • The credit system for classes has been removed in favor of offering unlimited access to all content for subscribed members. Anyone with an old tiered account will be given "unlimited credits" starting on August 14th, until they make the change to the new unlimited membership.
  • Freemium membership will also be removed. We will now offer a 14 day free trial for new members signing up for the new unlimited membership.
  • “Explore” scenes have now been replaced by the new AI powered practice scenes

🛠  Bug Fixes

  • Time zone discrepancy for members in Mexico (between web schedule and email) has been resolved.
  • Schedule not loading in WebApp/VR/Browser App has been resolved.
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