App Update: June 12, 2023

The app update is planned for 2:00-4:00 PM PST. During this window of time there may be some inconsistencies with app.

👾 VR

🚀  What’s New

  • Members will now be given the option to remain in a class for 10 minutes after a Guide leaves if they would like to interact and/or practice more upon finishing their class.
  • A “Help Request” tool has been added to the right wrist menu that allows the Member to ping the Guide for help without disrupting the class. The Member has the option to request general help, help with an activity, and help with another Member.
  • New “Spatial Voices” feature has been added to the accessibility settings. This allows you to control how much the volume of other people's voices changes based on where you're looking and if there's something between you and them.
  • Meta avatar facial expressions have been added. Simply give a thumbs up, thumbs down, or both to have your Meta avatar smile, frown, or look confused.

🔥  Improvements

  • Meta mobile app will now send a reminder to Meta Members to join classes they have registered for 30 minutes prior to the start time of the class

🛠  Bug Fixes

  • Error when saving photos to backpack has been fixed.
  • Class details occasionally showing wrong date when Member is in a different time zone than U.S. has been fixed
  • Upcoming class tab occasionally not showing class when member is in a different time zone than U.S. has been fixed
  • No display on camera when used on browser app has been fixed

💻 Desktop

  • Homeroom Orientation now available to desktop and browser users. You can start it by selecting the “Orientation” button in the bottom right menu while in the Homeroom.
  • Experimental Meta avatar support is now available on Desktop. If you have previously logged into your Immerse account on a Meta Quest device, you will be able to choose if you would like to be an Immerse avatar or your Meta avatar.
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