What do the buttons on the controllers do?

Getting used to new controls can be tricky, and when each button has a different function it can sometimes be overwhelming! In addition to the infographic and explanations below, make sure to take our tutorial while in the app to practice with these functions before heading to class. 🙂

Located on the left side of the HUB in your HomeRoom

Controller Functionality

Left Joystick - moves your avatar forward and backwards in slide mode, or teleports by choosing a spot in front of you to jump to while in teleport mode. Press down while moving forward to move faster.

Right Joystick - turns your avatar from side to side

Handle/Middle trigger button - grab objects by pressing and holding down this trigger, if you release the button your object will fall/return to your backpack

A button (right) - opens class notes on your wrist. Press and hold to project the notes in front of you for better visibility. You can leave these open while doing an activity instead of looking at your wrist, but when you walk too far away from the projected screen it will close.

B button (right/above A) - opens your backpack for access to different learning tools

Oculus button (right/flat) - Quit and Exit the app

X button (left) - opens setting menu instead of pressing button on left wrist

Y button (left/above X) - mutes microphone and can be quicker than pressing button on your left wrist

3 line button (left/flat) - exit back to Home Room from class, The Commons, or Take A Trip

Joysticks while holding something

  • push forward on either joystick while holding an object to extend that object away from you to place in hard to reach locations
  • while holding your camera, pushing forward on the joysticks will switch your camera to selfie mode!
  • While holding a marker, paint brush/roller, or spray paint can, you are able to pull back on the joystick to reveal a color wheel to change what color you're writing or painting with

Front trigger button(s)

  • while holding camera, press once to take a picture
  • while holding a picture, press once to enlarge the photo and press again to shrink it back down
  • while holding an object, press and hold to see an intensity arrow. Release the button to shoot the object out from your hand
  • while holding a marker, press and hold to write on the whiteboards or sticky notes
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