App Update: April 24, 2023

👾 VR

🚀  What’s New

  • New language learning mini-games have been added to the new “Language Learning Arcade” in The Commons. Now, you can join other Members in a number of games to continue the learning outside of class!
    • Pictionary: Our new AI-powered Pictionary game! Select a premade category or create your own, pick up a card, and start drawing the word for others to guess!
    • Guessing Game: Gather around the campfire and play with others by trying to have everyone else guess the word you have on your catch phrase device without saying the word itself!
    • Vocab Target Practice: Practice and compete with others by shooting at the targets with the word that matches the associated object on the display!

Image of Pictionary

🛠  Bug Fixes

  • In the Explore scenes, the role-play phrases will now show correctly.
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