How do I find the French Commons?

The French Commons is staffed with French-speaking staff

5:00 PM to 12:00 AM EST Sunday-Thursday.

First you'll want to confirm that your language is set to French. You can do this by looking at the top left of the HUB space in your Home Room either in VR or on the Desktop App.

Image of Dashboard "HUB"

If your language does not say French, you will need to sign into your account on the WebApp to change it to French. You can do this by clicking on your profile picture and going to "My Account".

Profile icon on WebApp
Image of "My Account" page

After you set your language to French, locate The Commons and enter.


When standing in your Home Room, The Commons is located to the left. Walk up to the brown door to enter.

Image of the Homeroom in VR

On the Desktop App

Click on the button labeled "Commons" to the left of your screen and you will be brought to that location within your Home Room.

Image of the French Commons Tile

Note: The Commons are language specific and look different. You should see the image above when trying to access the French Commons.

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