How Many Class Credits do I Get?

Select from 4, 8, or unlimited credits per month by choosing which price point is right for you! If you're looking to take more than 2 classes a week, try out our Mastery Tier that allows you to take an unlimited number of classes. Note, all credits expire within one month.

If you want to try out a class before you decide, sign up for our Freemium Membership. Your class credit will expire in one week.


In addition to classes, even as a Freemium member, you will always have any-time access to the following:

  • The Immerse Tutorial - Learn to navigate and interact within Immerse
  • Your Home Room - A private room where you can choose your appearance, access/join booked experiences, see your achievements, and review notes from classes you have attended.
  • The Commons - A public area for learners of the same language to meet up and practice conversations or talk to a language specific staff member during certain hours.
  • Take a Trip - A private space for you to travel to Immerse Locations and continue the learning. You can even create private session codes so you and a friend can explore and learn together.
  • Immerse Discord - a social media platform only available by invite where Members can share resources, ask questions, and see photos and resources posted by Guides and Immerse Staff.

Immerse has a ton of fun features! Check out our main website for more information. 

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