App Update: February 20, 2023

New Update!

These updates focus mostly on the Homeroom, scanner tool, and Web App. 

Check out the updates below:

New Features

Changes in the Homeroom

  • Members can now book and cancel classes directly from their Homeroom Dashboard.

  • A new orientation has been added to the Homeroom to welcome new Members and inform them of Homeroom features. It will play for ALL users (even currently existing users) one time automatically when entering in the homeroom. After it has been viewed once, it will not auto play again. You will have to select the option to play again via a button on the right side of the dashboard.

New Object Tools

  • You can now hear the name of the object when using the scanner. When scanning an object, hold the trigger for a few seconds to hear the name of the object
  • In the object list, you can now see an image of the object to give more visual context


  • You can now see who in the Commons is Staff. They have a "Staff" tag under their name. 
  • Guides will have a "Guide" tag when leading classes.
  • Voices in the Commons will be quieter based on proximity.
  • Some improvements have been made to the design of the home page, schedule page, course detail page, account page, and my classes page on the Web App. 
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