App Update: January 9th, 2023

New Update!

The main updates this time around are related to new filtering options on the web page and helpful audio options within the VR app!

Check out all the updates below:

New Scheduling Page

The redesign and added filtering tools will make it easier for you to find and book classes that fit your schedule and preferences. Filter the options by Time of Day, Level, or Class Type!

New Tutorial

We have revamped the tutorial to make our platform more user friendly and to support members without needing to attend and Orientation session. Starting in February, orientations will no longer be offered as the tutorial is now more in-depth and comprehensive!

New Features

  • Improved access to adjust SFX and World audio from the Settings menu
  • Members can now listen to a pronunciation audio clip of any scanned object (word). Accessible via the Review Corner in the Home Room or on your Right Wrist Menu.

  • Members can now see how strong their internet/wifi connection is in their settings menu and see how strong other members internet connections are to help diagnose issues

New Overall Performance Improvements

  • Improved the behavior of interacting with placing and removing objects on plates, trays, etc. (fixed bugs associated with grabbable objects)
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