App Update: November 21st, 2022

New Update!

The main updates this time around are a new review feature, and general improvements in the overall performance of the Immerse Application. 

Check out all the updates below:

New Review Flash Cards

We added a new feature to the Review Space in the Home Room. Start by going to the "Objects" list in the Review Space and selecting "Review." You will now be able to practice the translation of object vocabulary from the privacy of your own space. 

The Flash Card station allows you to:

  • Spawn and grab objects from your
  • Select which language to see first
  • Practice recall on translated words

Note: Speaking of review - the Class Notes board (to the right) in the Review Space will now contain class notes from all the classes taken for the last two weeks! Be sure to add your favorite notes to the "My Notes" section before they are gone. 

New Label for the Courtyard Doorway

You will still be able to access the Courtyard to explore privately or with friends, but we changed the label of that door to help guide the language around using that space. 

Click on "Take a Trip" to explore locations on your own, or enter an "invite code" or "trip code" to give to others to join you.

New Trip Location

There is now a new "Observation Deck" scene in the explore list in the Courtyard. This location is unlike any other, as is it limited to viewing only. There are a number of pre-programmed locations that you can choose to view. Go take a look!

🌎 The Observation Deck 

  • 360 image observatory
  • Full of viewable destinations
  • Contains a globe for conversation
  • Contains no interactions or objects

New Overall Performance Improvements

Immerse is always keeping up with platform and software improvements to provide the best experience for our Members. We have upgraded to enhance visual and audio systems across the platform!

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