App Update: October 31st, 2022

New Update!

The main updates this time around are related to new pricing tiers, new levels, and new scenes! 

Check out all the updates below:

New Pricing Tiers

We have launched new  membership tiers! The new tiers will give Members more optionality in the amount of live VR classes they would like to participate in every month. A "Forever Free" tier will be included for those who want to dip their toes into live VR language learning before jumping in head first, as well as an "Unlimited Tier" for all of our Members who are ready to take their learning commitment to the next level. 

Note: Current members will remain in our "Legacy Tier" and will experience no change in credits or pricing if they choose not to switch to a new tier. 

New Levels

Speaking of levels, we restructured our class leveling to make it easier to know what level of class you are getting into. New members will select this during sign up, and current members can change theirs in the home page.

New Name for Social Lounge = "The Commons"

The Commons is a public place for all members to join each other and connect. Nothing about how this scene works has changed, except for where you go to access it - the Home Room "Doorway." Be on the look out for staffed Commons hours, where you can join an Immerse Guide to chat. No need to book staffed Commons times!

New Courtyard

The new Courtyard is a new central location within Immerse where you can explore alone, or join others under a room code you create. It is not a public space where you will find people, like the Commons. However, you can join others by having them log in under the same code you are logged in with. The Courtyard and the Commons are accessed through the doorway in your Home Room!

New Explore Scenes

These scenes are slightly different than their classroom counterparts, as they contain a number of different activities that can be used for practice outside of class. Both of the new Explore Scenes can be accessed in the Courtyard near the Hot Air Balloon. 

Home Room

Shopping Center

New Home Room Design

We redesigned the Home Room! Go take a look! You will find the doorway to the Courtyard and Commons on the first floor and the Review Space on the second floor. 

New Review Space

There is now a place where you can review your favorited and saved class notes. Head upstairs in the Home Room to explore this space. 

New Member Reporting

If you feel as though a member in Immerse is breaking and of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service of Immerse, you can now Report a Member. Simply fill out a Member Report through the web dashboard.

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