How do I share my photos from Immerse?

Sharing Photos from Immerse

You may wish to share the photos that you take in Immerse with others (ex: Social Media). Sharing your photos is easy, as long as you have two things in place first:

1 - Download the Meta Quest Mobile App 

To have quick access and ease of sharing for your photos, you will need to download the Meta Quest Mobile App. 

  1. Navigate to your smartphones app store and search "Meta Quest"

2 - Allowing Cloud Sync on Your Headset

You must allow your headset to sync the media you have stored to your mobile app. 

  1. Open the App Library in your Quest 2 and find the "Files" Folder

  2. Open the Files Folder and click >Media>Click to Turn on Syncing

You are now all set up to be able to share your photos easily in the future!

How to Share a Photo

1. Take/Save Photo

While in Immerse, use the Camera to take a photo and save it in your backpack's "Photo Save Zone."

2. Access Photo on Mobile

When outside of VR, open your Meta Quest mobile app and navigate to your "gallery."

3. Share from Mobile App

You can now select the photo and press "share." You will then be able to choose how to share your photo.

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