App Update: September 2nd, 2022

New Update!

The main update this time around is our Object Scanner + Object List, the new Backpack 2.0, and improved settings to increase comfortability while moving in VR.

Check out all the updates below:

New Backpack 2.0

We redesigned the layout of the backpack to split the tools and object inventory, that are toggled back and forth by a zipper at the bottom. New tools/features have also been added!

Details on NEW items will be listed below.

  1. Camera
  2. 3-D Pen
  3. Laser Pointer
  4. Note
  5. *NEW* Scanner
  6. *NEW* Photo Save Zone
  7. *NEW* Toggle Zipper
    1. Slide right to go from "Tools" to "Inventory"

New Quick Store/Grab

We have a new Inventory feature! You can still grab and drop items into the inventory, but also have a new ability to "Quick Store/Grab" objects from your inventory without having to open the backpack.

  • While holding an object in your hand, click the "thumbstick" down on your controller to quickly store it in your inventory (your backpack does not have to be open).  
  • With an empty hand you can quickly retrieve the last object from your inventory by holding down the grab button on your controller to and clicking the "thumbstick" down (your backpack does not have to be open)

New Photo Save Zone 

You can now save photos that you take with your camera to your headset!

To save a photo:

  1. Take a photo with the camera
  2. Hold that photo in the "Photo Save Zone" in the Backpack
  3. Release the photo to save it to your headset storage
  4. The photo will be saved to the Files App on your Quest 

Note: The "Save Zone" will not store the photo like inventory storage can. If you close the backpack with a photo in the drop zone, the photo will simply drop to the floor. 

New Object Scanner + Object List

1. Overview

Your backpack now contains a new tool! You have an Object Scanner to use around the scene to identify objects and their  vocabulary translation. Scannable objects will have a “?” over them when they have not yet been scanned. As soon as an object is scanned, the "question mark" will turn into a "check mark" and the item info will be stored. 

The menu in your right wrist is now home to the Summary, Prompts, and the *New* Objects List. You can now quickly access this menu by pressing and holding the "A" Button. 

The Objects List contains 3 main sections:

  1. All - a full list of all of the scannable objects in the current scene
  2. Recents - the objects you have scanned during that session
  3. Favorites - a permanent list of all the objects that you have chosen as favorites over time


  • Objects that are scanned will forever receive a "blue border" to identify them from objects not yet scanned. 
  • Items that you "Favorite" can be accessed anywhere (including the Home Room) and at any time - use this list to review outside of class!

3. Item Details

Click on the three dots to access the item details, where you can favorite and locate items in the scene.

4. How to Scan

  1. Search - Grab the Scanner and hold it out while searching for items.

  2. Find - When an item is found, hold the scanner over it to target it.

  3. Scan - Press and hold the "trigger" button to scan/inspect the translation (the translation will be auto saved).

  4. Next time - The next time you return to this item simply hold the scanner over it to quickly inspect. You can then press the trigger to reveal the hidden translation.

New Comfort Settings

Comfort Assistance (Visual)

While in "Slide" Mode, you can turn on a visual vignette that will narrow your vision while moving and help to decrease motion sickness while Sliding. 

Footstep Vibrations

While in "Slide" Mode, you can turn on Footstep Vibrations that will send gentle vibrations to your right and left controllers as you walk. This feature helps to increase immersion. 

New Home Page (Web Dashboard)

The new Home Page is a place to find:

  • Member Status
  • Class Credit Balance + Subscription Renewal Date
  • Fluency Level
  • Community Opportunities
  • Suggested Classes
  • Your Upcoming Classes
Don't Forget!

Clicking "Member Support" in your profile icon will take you to our Support Center where you can find answers or ask new questions. 

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