Immerse Key Terms

Here is a list of key terms to help guide your understanding and exploration of the Immerse platform. After reviewing this list, you will know the names of important concepts in Immerse. 

Key Terms

Member - This is you! We call our learners Members.

Guide - We call our teachers Guides. You'll also hear them referenced as Expert Language Guides, Language Guides, and just plain Guides.

Orientation - After signing up for the free trial, the session you should book is an Orientation. In this session, you will join other new Members and a Guide who will help you learn the controls and answer any questions you have. 

Classes - We call our small group sessions, classes. There are 3 types of bookable classes: 

  1. Lessons
  2. Facilitated Conversations
  3. Events

Dashboard - This is what we call the web application part of Immerse where you go to access your profile, see your personal list of upcoming classes, and explore and book new classes. 

The following can be found in your Dashboard:

  • Profile - You set this up when you begin. Add your name, email, and password to create a secure profile with Immerse.
  • Schedule - a list of all available classes.
  • My Experiences - this is a list of all of your upcoming, scheduled classes.

Home Room - We call our Members' personal space their Home Room. You are the only person allowed in your Home Room. In this space, you can change your avatar, look at your achievements, review class notes, and enter your scheduled classes

HUB/Class HUB - The other location to view your upcoming classes is the HUB. Located in the center of your Home Room, this HUB will display only classes that have been scheduled and is where you will be able to click on a Class Tile to join it. 

The Commons - This is an open public lounge for Members to meet and engage with each other for socialization and practicing conversation. The entrance to The Commons can be found in your Home Room.

Take a Trip -  This is your own private space to travel to Immerse locations where you can continue the learning outside of class. You can also create private session codes for you and your friends to meet up and explore together! The Courtyard can be located in your Home Room next to The Commons entrance.

If you have any questions about key terms or where to find something in Immerse, contact our support team

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