Where do I find info on my classes?

Your Classes

You can find information on your classes in three places:

1. Your Dashboard

Your web dashboard is where you browse and schedule all new classes. Click on a Class Tile to get more info on that class before booking it. After you have booked a class, it will show up on the My Classes tab of the Web Dashboard and in your Class HUB in the Home Room. 

2. Your Home Room

Upcoming classes that have already been booked will appear in your Home Room. 

Joining a Class

The HUB in the Home Room is the only place you can join your class. Click "Join Now" at the time scheduled for the class. This button only appear several moments before the start of your scheduled class.

3. Your Email

As soon as you have booked a class, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about the class. 

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