What VR Headset is needed to take classes in VR?

Our Members have the option of taking classes in VR or on Desktop!

If you want to take classes using a VR headset, you will need a Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 or Meta Quest Pro VR headset. 

Immerse does not provide any VR headsets, so this will need to be purchased through a hardware distributor. The Meta Quest headset can be bought at most major electronics providers, or it can be ordered online

Regardless of how you want to join classes, you can create an account on your computer through our WebApp or in VR.

To create an account in VR, first download the Immerse App from the Meta App store on to your Oculus headset. Once it is downloaded, you can follow the steps to create an account.

If you have questions regarding recommendations, contact our support team

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